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Take the test on paper and take the test online is not one and the same
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In onestudy, 2013, which said the magazine Scientific American, it wasassumed that reading and solving problems fromthescreenwith asheet of
paper involves differentcognitive processes.

So, forexample, by passing thee-test does not work atypical practiceto "leave difficult tasks for later,"sincein theelectronic version ofthetask
aresolved sequentially, without the possibility to "jump over"questions. In addition, therearesimple practices involving, forexample,a pop-up
noticeabout thecorrectanswer. Butas these BB Code:
  write my essay online differences fromthe paper version affect theresults, whatadjustments to make
in theiranalysis is the big question.

In the design used a framefrom kultserie"the Simpsons" season 23,episode 11.

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